Abbreviations used in the text; excluding railway companies


abs.            absorbed

A.T.C.          Automatic Train Control

Birm.R.C.& W.Co. Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Co.

B.T-H.          British Thomson-Houston

c               circa (about)

C.C.            County Council

C.M.E.          Chief Mechanical Engineer

C. & W.         Carriage and Wagon

C.W.S.          Cooperative Wholesale Society

d/e             diesel electric

d-f             double-framed (locomotive), used in G.W.R. section only

d/h             diesel hydraulic

d/m             diesel mechanical

drc             diesel railcar

E.Co.           Engine Company (non-specific)

E.C.J.S.        East Coast Joint Stock

E.C.S.          empty coaching stock

E.E.            English Electric Company

E.M.U.          electric multiple unit

f               freight (service)

-g              -gauge

G               pregroup number

G.E.C.          General Electric Company

G.M.            General Manager

i.              inaugurated

ic              internal combustion engine

inc.            including/incorporated

ind.            industrial

J.              Junction

jt.             joint (administration)

lb.             pounds

L.L.            Low Level (station)

Metro-Vickers           Metropolitan-Vickers

mi              mile(s)

M. of S.        Ministry of Supply

M.o T.          Ministry of Transport

mus.            museum

N               previous number

nat.            national

N.B.            North British Locomotive Company

n.g.            narrow gauge

p               passenger service

P. & M.         Powlesland and Mason, Ltd., engineering contractors, Swansea Docks

pres.           preservation

PT              pannier tank

P.W.            permanent way

rc              railcar

rebt.           rebuilt

R.              Railway

R. & H.         Ruston & Hornsby

R.O.D.          Railway Operating Division (of War Dept.)

r.p.            running powers (over other lines)

sci.            science

s.g.            standard gauge

soc.            society

ST              saddle tank

Supt.           Superintendent

T               tank locomotive

t               tram engine

TC              through coach(es)

tech.           technology

T.M.            Temple Meads (Bristol)

TOPS            Total Operations Processing System

U.S.A.             built in the U.S.A.

U.S.A.T.C.      U.S. Army Transportation Corps

vars            various

vb              vertical boiler

 w.a.           wheel arrangement (Whyte notation)

W.              Works

W.D.            War Department

Worc. E.Co.     Worcester Engine Co.

WT              well tank

Y.E.Co.         Yorkshire Engine Co.