Severn Bridge


Bridge / Location / Notes /Length

Alloa Swing Bridge (C.R.): across Forth: 19 fixed girder spans on masonry columns, swing span of 150ft: 610ft

Ballochmyle (G. & S.W.R.): Cumnock: Stone arch viaduct with central pure arch, 7 span: 634ft

Barmouth (Cam. R.): across Mawddach: 4 steel spans with swing section and 113 timber spans: 2250ft

Belah (N.E.R.): near Kirkby Stephen: Lattice girder viaduct, 16 span: 1040ft

Breydon Water (M. & G.N.): near Yarmouth: 'Through' steel girder bridge on brick and concrete piers, 4 fixed spans and 1 swing span: 790ft

Britannia (L.N.W.R.): Menai Strait: Tubular bridge, 4 span: 1800ft

Cannon Street (S.E.C.R.): across Thames: Plate girder on cylindrical piers, 5 span: 706ft

Charing Cross (S.E.C.R.): across Thames: Lattice beam, 9 span: 1350ft

Chepstow (G.W.R.): across Wye: Originally suspension and beam, now lattice and plate girder, 4 span: 600ft, main span: 300ft

Chirk (G.W.R.): across Ceiriog: Stone arch, 16 span: 846ft. Original end spans were of laminated timber (each replaced by 3 arches)

Collegewood (Penrhyn): on Falmouth branch: Timber trestle, last (G.W.R.) in Cornwall, replaced 1934, 15 span, 974ft

Colne Valley (G.E.R.): Chappel: Brick viaduct, 32 span: 1200ft

Connel Ferry (C.R): across Loch Etive: Steel cantilever, 9 span: 1020ft

Conway (L.N.W.R.): across Conway: Through plate box girder, single span: 400ft

Crimple (N.E.R.): Harrogate: Stone viaduct, 31 span: 1873ft

Crumlin (G.W.R.): across Ebbw Vale: Lattice girder viaduct, 10 span: 1658ft

Culloden Moor (H.R.): across Strathnairn: Sandstone viaduct, 29 span of 50ft, one of 100ft: 1785ft

Dee (Cefn) (G.W.R.): Ruabon: Stone viaduct, 19 span: 1508ft

Deepdale (N.E.R.): near Barnard Castle: Lattice girder viaduct, 11 span: 740ft

Dinting Vale (G.C.): Glossop: Plate girder, with brick approach arches originally 16 span: 1452ft

Dutton (L.N.W.R.): Weaver valley: Sandstone viaduct, 20 span: 1284ft

Etherow (G.C.): Mottram, Cheshire: Plate girder, originally 3 span: 506ft

Foord (S.E.C.R.): Folkestone: Brick viaduct, 19 span: 780ft

Forth (N.B.R.): North Queensferry: Steel cantilever, 23 span: 8296ft

Glenfinnan (N.B.R.): across Finnan: Concrete viaduct, 21 span: 1248ft

Goole (N.E.R.): across Ouse: Iron swing bridge with 5 fixed spans: 830ft

Harringworth (M.R.): across Welland: Brick viaduct, 82 span: 3825ft

Holmes Chapel (L.N.W.R.): across Dane: Masonry viaduct, 23 span: 1794ft

Hownes Gill (N.E.R.): near Consett: Firebrick viaduct, 10 span: 730ft

Ilkestone (G.N.): Erewash valley: Lattice girder on wrought iron piers, 16 span: 1452ft

King Edward VII (N.E.R.): Newcastle: Lattice girder on granite piers, 4 span: 1150ft

Kyle of Sutherland (H.R.): Culrain: Lattice girder, 6 span: 380ft

Llanbradach (Barry): Rhymney valley: Lattice girder on brick piers, 11 span: 2400ft

Lockwood (L.Y.R.): near Huddersfield: Brick viaduct, 34 semicircular, 2 oblique arches: 1428ft

London and Greenwich (S.E.C.R.): London Bridge-Greenwich: brick arch viaduct: 878 span + various bridges: 3¾ miles

Maidenhead (G.W.R.): across Thames: Brick arched viaduct 10 span: 760ft

Meldon (L.S.W.R.): near Okehampton: Lattice girder viaduct, 6 span: 550ft

Ouse (L.B.S.C.R.): Balcombe: Brick viaduct 37 span: 1420ft

Penistone (L.Y.R.): Masonry viaduct, 31 span: 990ft

Porthkerry (Barry): near Barry: Brick arches on limestone piers, 16 main span + 3: 1125ft

Ribblehead (M.R.): Batty Moss: Masonry viaduct, 24 span: 1328ft

Royal Albert (G.W.R.): Saltash: Tubular suspension girder with arched plate girder approaches, 19 span: 2200ft

Royal Border (N.E.R.): Berwick: Masonry viaduct, 28 span: 2160ft

Runcorn (L.N.W.R.): across Mersey: 3 X 305ft lattice girder spans, 65 brick arches on approach from Widnes, 30 from Runcorn: ½mi total

Selby (N.E.R.): across Ouse: Iron swing bridge, 1 fixed span: 240ft

Severn (G.W.R./M.R.): Sharpness: Bowstring girder, 22 span (one swing bridge) and 14 masonry arches on approaches: 4161ft

Shawford (L.S.W.R.): across Itchen: Brick arch viaduct, 32 span: 2014ft

Solway Firth (C.R.): Annan: 193 wrought iron spans on cast iron columns: 5820ft, closed 1921

Stockport (Edgeley) (L.N.W.R.): across Mersey: brick arch double viaduct, 27 span: 1800ft

Tay (N.B.R.) (second): Dundee: Lattice girder on brick piers, 85 span: 10711ft

Tyne High Level (N.E.R.): Newcastle: Cast iron arches with 6 main spans on stone piers: 1372ft

Victoria Bridge (N.E.R.): near Sunderland: Stone arched viaduct, 7 span: 811ft

Walnut Tree (Barry): across Taff: Lattice girder on brick piers + brick arch approaches, 7 main span: 1548ft

Wear (N.E.R.): near Washington: Stone viaduct, 4 main span: 811ft

Welwyn (G.N.): near Hatfield: Brick viaduct, 40 span: 1557ft

Wharncliffe (G.W.R.): near Southall: Brick viaduct, 8 span: 900ft