LNER Class C11(ex-NBR Class H) 4-4-2 9874 (Photo: Real Photographs)







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Later modifications, of whole or part of a class, are indicated by succeeding name(s).

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A (F8) Worsdell T.

B1 (N8) Worsdell T., Worsdell W.

BTP (G6) Fletcher

C1 (J21) Worsdell T., Worsdell W.

D (H1) Raven, rebt to Class (A8), Gresley

E (J71) Worsdell T.

E1 (J72) Worsdell W.

F1 (D22) Worsdell T.

G (D23) Worsdell T.

H (Y7) Worsdell T.

H1 (J78) Worsdell T.

H2 (J79) Worsdell W.

K (Y8) Worsdell T.

L (J73) Worsdell W.

M (D17) Worsdell W.

N (N9) Worsdell W.

O (G5) Worsdell W.

P (J24) Worsdell W.

P1 (J25) Worsdell W.

P2 (J26) Worsdell W.

P3 (J27) Worsdell W.

Q (D17) Worsdell W.

Q1 (D18) Worsdell W.

R (D20) Worsdell W., Gresley

R1 (D21) Worsdell W.

S (B13) Worsdell W.

S1 (B14) Worsdell W.

S2 (B15) Raven

S3 (B16) Raven (Gresley, Thompson)

T, T1 (Q5) Worsdell W.

T2 (Q6) Raven

T3 (Q7) Raven

U (N10) Worsdell W.

V, V1 (C6) Worsdell W.

W (A6) Worsdell W., Raven

X (T1) Worsdell W.

Y (A7) Raven

Z (C7) Raven (Gresley)

3CC (D19) Worsdell W., Smith

4CC (C8) Worsdell W., Smith

5G (J22) McDonnell

8 (J74) McDonnell, Tennant

38 (Unclass 4-4-0) McDonnell

44 (Unclass 0-6-0T) Fletcher

66 (X1) Worsdell W.

124 (J76) Fletcher

190 (X3) Worsdell W.

290 (J77) Fletcher, Worsdell W.

398 (Unclass 0-6-0) Fletcher

901 (E6) Fletcher

957 (X2) Worsdell W.

1001 (Unclass 0-6-0) Bouch

1440 (Unclass 2-4-0) Fletcher

1463 (E5) Tennant (committee chairman)

Class 4-6-2 (A2) Raven


H. & B.R.

A (Q10) Stirling M.

B (J23) Stirling M., Gresley

F1 (N11) Stirling M.

F2 (N12) Stirling M.

F3 (N12) Stirling M.

G2 (J80) Stirling M.

G3 (J75) Stirling M.

J (D24) Stirling M.

L (J28) Stirling M., Gresley



A1 (A1) Gresley

C1 (C1) Ivatt

C1 (C2) Ivatt

C2 (C12) Ivatt

D1 (D1) Ivatt

D1 (D2) Ivatt

D2 (D4) Ivatt

D3 (D3) Ivatt, Gresley

E1 (E1) Stirling P., Ivatt

G1 (G1) Stirling P.

G2 (Unclass 0-4-4WT) Stirling, Ivatt

G3 (G2) Stirling

J4 (J3) Stirling, Ivatt, Gresley

J5 (J4) Stirling, Ivatt

J9 (J7) Stirling

J13 (J52) Stirling, Ivatt

J14 (J53) Stirling

J15 (J54) Stirling

J16 (J55) Stirling, Ivatt

J17 (J56) Stirling

J18 (J57) Stirling

J19 (Unclass 0-6-0T rebt as 0-6-0ST) Stirling

J21 (J1) Ivatt

J21 (J2) Ivatt

J22 (J5) Ivatt

J22 (J6) Ivatt, Gresley

J23 (J50) Gresley

J23 (J51) Gresley

H2 (K1) Gresley

H3 (K2) Gresley

H4 (K3) Gresley

K1 (Q1) Ivatt

K1 (Q2) Ivatt

K2 (Q3) Ivatt, Gresley

L1 (R1) Ivatt

N1 (N1) Ivatt

N2 (N2) Gresley

O1 (O1) Gresley

O2 (O2) Gresley



1 (B2) Robinson 'Sir Sam Fay'

1A (B8) Robinson 'Glenalmond'

1B (L1) Robinson

2, 2A (D7) Parker

3 (F1) Parker

4 (J61) Manning Wardle, Hudswell Clarke

4 (Y2) Manning Wardle

5 (J62) Pollitt

5A (J63) Robinson

6A1 (J8) Parker

6B (D12) Sacre

6C (J12) Sacre

6D (E2) Parker

6DB (D8) Parker

7 (Unclass 0-6-0T) Parker

8 (B5) Robinson

8A (Q4) Robinson (Thompson to 0-8-0T, Class Q1)

8B (C4) Robinson

8C (B1) Robinson

8D, 8E (C5) Robinson

8F (B4) Robinson 'Immingham'

8G (B9) Robinson

8H (S1) Robinson, Gresley

8J (C4) Robinson

8K (O1/O4) Robinson (Gresley, Thompson)

8M (O5) Robinson

8N (B6) Robinson

9 (J13) Parker

9A (N4) Parker

9B (J9) Parker

9C (N5) Parker

9D (J10) Parker

9E (J9) Parker

9F (N5) Parker

9G (F2) Pollitt

9H (J10) Pollitt

9J (J11) Robinson (Thompson)

9K (C13) Robinson

9L (C14) Robinson

9M (J10) Robinson

9N (A5) Robinson

9O (N5) Parker, Robinson

9P (B3) Robinson 'Lord Faringdon' (Gresley, Thompson)

9Q (B7) Robinson

11 (D5) Parker

11A (D6) Pollitt

11B, 11C, 11D (D9) Robinson

11E (D10) Robinson 'Director'

11F (D11) Robinson 'Large Director'

12A (E3) Sacre

12AT (E8) Sacre

13 (X4) Pollitt

18 (Unclass 0-6-0) Sacre

Unclass 0-6-0ST (J58) Sacre

18T (J59) Sacre, Robinson

A (N6) Kitson

B (J60) Kitson

C (G3) Kitson

D (M1) Thom (built Kitson)




A (D44) Manson

D (J90) Manson

E (J91) Manson

F (D40) Pickersgill, Heywood

G (D48) Manson

H (D39) Cowan

K, L (D47) Cowan

M (D45) Cowan

N (D46) Manson

O (D42) Manson

P (D43) Manson

Q (D38) Manson

R (G10) Johnson

S (D41) Johnson

T (D41) Johnson

V (D40) Pickersgill

X, Y (Z5) Manning Wardle



B74 (Y4) Hill

C32 (F3) Holden J.

C53 (J70) Holden J.

C72 (J68) Hill

D56 (D15) J. Holden 'Claud Hamilton' (Gresley)

D81 (J20) Hill

E22 (J65) Holden J.

E72 (J18) Hill

F48 (J16) Holden J.

G15 (Y6) Worsdell T.

G58 (J17) Holden J.

G69 (F6) Holden S.

H88 (D16) Hill 'Claud Hamilton' (Gresley)

L77 (N7) Hill

M15 (F4, F5) Worsdell T. (Class F5: Worsdell T., Holden S.)

N31 (J14) Holden J.

R24 (J67) Holden J.

R24 RBLT (J69) Holden J.

S44 (G4) Holden J.

S46 (D14) Holden J. 'Claud Hamilton'

S56 (J69) Holden J.

S69 (B12) Holden S. (Gresley)

T18 (J66) Holden J.

T19 RBLT (D13) Holden J.

T26 (E4) Holden J.

T77 (J19) Hill (Gresley)

Y14 (J15) Worsdell T.

Y65 (F7) Holden S.

204 (J92) Johnson, Holden J.

209 (Y5) Neilson & Co.



A (N14, N15) Reid

B (J35) Reid

C (J32) Drummond

C (J36) Holmes, Reid

D (J34) Drummond

D (J33) Holmes

D (J83) Holmes

E (J31) Wheatley

E (J81, J84, J85, J86) Wheatley

F (J88) Reid

G (Y10) Wheatley, rebt. Holmes

G (Y9) Neilson

H (C11) Reid

I (C10) Reid

J (D29, D30) Reid 'Scott'

K (D32, D33, D34) Reid 'Glen'

K (D26) Holmes

L (D36) Holmes, Reid

L (C16) Reid

M (D27, D28) Drummond, Holmes, Reid

M (D31) Holmes, Reid

M (G9) Reid

M (C15) Reid

N (D25) Holmes, Reid

N (D35) Holmes 'West Highland Bogies'

P (D50) Drummond

P (E7) Wheatley, Holmes

P (G8) Drummond

P (G7) Holmes

R (J82) Drummond

R (D51) Drummond

S (J37) Reid

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