Inside Binegar signalbox (SDJ)











Signals: signal box lever colours (B.R.)

Red: Stop signals, shunting signals

Yellow: Distant signals

Black: Points

Blue: Facing point locks, clearance bars, bolt locks

Brown: Level crossing bolt lock, gate stops and wicket gates

Green: Gongs, electric ground frame release

Black/white striped: fog signals

White: spare


Signals: signal box bell code (early B.R.)

Call attention 1
Is line clear for:  
Express passenger train; breakdown train proceeding to emergency; light engine going to assist disabled train 4
Ordinary or excursion passenger train; mixed traffic train; breakdown train in transit 3 pause 1
Branch passenger train (applicable only where special instructions are given) 1 pause 3
Livestock or perishable train composed of coaching stock 5
Empty coaching stock 2 pause 2 pause 1
Livestock or perishable train composed of goods stock; express goods train 1 pause 4
Through goods, mineral or ballast train 4 pause 1
Stopping goods or mineral train 3
Branch goods, mineral or ballast train (applicable only where special instructions are given) 1 pause 2
Light engine; two engines coupled; engine and not more than two brake vans 2 pause 3
Ballast or other train requiring to stop in section 1 pause 2 pause 2
Platelayers trolley requiring to pass through tunnel 2 pause 1 pause 2
*Train entering section 2
*Assistant engine at rear of train 2 pause 2
Train out of section; obstruction removed 2 pause 1
Obstruction; danger 6
Blocking back Inside home signal 2 pause 4
Outside home signal 3 pause 3
Stop and examine train 7
Cancelling signal; caution signal 4 pause 3
Train passed without tail lamp  
To cabin in advance 9
To cabin in rear 4 pause 5
Train divided 5 pause 5
Shunt train for following train to pass 1 pause 5 pause 5
Vehicles running away on wrong line 2 pause 5 pause 5
*Section clear but station or junction blocked 3 pause 5 pause 5
Vehicles running away on right line 4 pause 5 pause 5
Opening of signal cabin 5 pause 5 pause 5
Testing block indicators and bells 16
Closing of signal cabin 7 pause 5 pause 5
*Time signal 8 pause 5 pause 5
Lampman or fog-signalman required 9 pause 5 pause 5
Testing controlled or slotted signals 5 pause 5 pause 5 pause 5

* not preceded by the 'Call attention' bell


Subsequently some codes became redundant or were reclassified as follows:

Express parcels or perishables running at 90mph or over 1 pause 3 pause 1
Freightliner train 3 pause 2 pause 5
Parcels train running at 75mph or over 3 pause 1 pause 1
Fully fitted block train 5
Ordinary freight train 4 pause 1
Unfitted freight train 1 pause 4
Line clear to home signal (and cancelling signal) 4 pause 3

During an interim period of the early 1960s, when unfitted freight stock was being progressively phased out, various bell codes were used to indicate the proportion of fitted vehicles in a given train or its limited load. These were various permutations of five bells, although '3' and '1 pause 2' were retained as above.