Format: type [overprint as appropriate]: notes

AA machine: (Associated Automation) paper roll ticket as used for some platform tickets

Advertising insert ticket: L.M.S. Edmondson card ticket which was split to accommodate a small piece of card with an advertisement

Agents: ticket issued by outside booking agent, commonly distinguished by a bracketted letter and number

ALMEX: partly printed, near-square format, roll ticket which was endorsed with the fare and machine number at time of issue; introduced on B.R. in 1967; no destination was shown

BEAM machine: (British Electric Automatic Machines) paper roll tickets as used for some platform tickets

Bellgraphic: partly preprinted, large-format, paper roll, travel ticket, generally completed by hand

Bell punch: paper ticket of bus and tram style, issued from a rack and with destinations listed in columns


Boat/train (rail and sea) [RS]

Bus/rail [B]

Card: see Edmondson tickets

Cab: toll ticket issued for access to station forecourt, abolished c1917

Charter: concessionary ticket issued to parties

Cheap day [CD/C/D]: concessionary rate ticket, valid for one day

Child [Child]; the L.N.E.R. and L.M.S. issued standard adult tickets with a printed 'clip space' for removal on issue to a child; some adult tickets were cut in half for issue by the Southern Railway and B.R.

Commercial traveller: concessionary rate ticket

Contract: see Season

Coupon: tickets issued as a set of paper coupons to cover travel and other facilities such as meals, entertainment, etc


Evacuee: special wartime ticket to unspecified destination

Excess fare: typically a partly preprinted, large-format, paper ticket, used for change of route, extension of journey or change of class; some stations e.g. on the Southern Railway used printed Edmondsons

Exchange: ticket issued in exchange for another covering the same journey by a different mode of transport e.g. bus

Excursion [X], [E or EE: evening excursion, H: half-day, S: shopping]: concessionary rate ticket

First class

Flexiprinter: automatic card printing machine for Edmondson tickets and small size season tickets used at large stations; used on B.R. after 1959

Forces [L; GR: Government agreed rate] (H.M. Forces on leave/furlough/officer on leave/military service)

Free pass: ticket issued to railway company directors, management, etc either as a medallion or in the large season ticket format, typically valid for one year

Government agreed rate [GR]: similar to above for military service

Handiprinter: machine for issue of large-format paper tickets; the printing plate for the destination was inserted by hand; used on B.R. from mid-1960s

Hugin (validating machine): large white ticket (6 X 4in, landscape) introduced for Inter-City services by the E.R. in 1968

Insurance: commonly a coupon ticket for personal or luggage insurance

Locomotive pass: supplementary ticket issued for travel on the loco

Mercantile: ticket for use by merchant seamen

Miniprinter: see Rapid printer

Multi-Printer (AEG): automatic card printing machine for Edmondson tickets used at large stations

NCR51: white vertical format thin card blank ticket which was totally processed by the National Cash Register machine in red print; introduced experimentally in 1969, subsequently displaced by landscape APTIS (All Purpose Ticket) in use from 1983

Omniprinter: portable machine for issue of large-format paper tickets; the issuing station and destination were numerically coded; used on B.R. from mid-1960s

Ordering: ticket used for reordering stocks which were infrequently used

Ordinary [M for monthly validity]

Paper ticket: partly preprinted large-format ticket with duplicate counterfoil, on which the destination was completed by hand; also used for excess fares; also used for accompanied traffic, particularly in pre-grouping times

Parliamentary: tickets issued in response to the Parliamentary Act of 1844 which secured moderate fares for the poor

Party [PA]: see charter ticket

Periodical: see Season

Platform [diamond or other shape]: commonly an Edmondson card ticket or 'AA' (Associated Automation) vending machine paper ticket: see also BEAM

Privilege (staff/press) [P]: concessionary rate ticket

Rapid printer: roll-fed electrical development of the Multi-Printer as used to produce most current London Underground tickets

Regina: preprinted ticket issuing machine of German design, first installed at Birmingham in 1911

Restricted validity [diagonal lines or CT for certain trains only]

Return [R; M: for monthly validity]

Rolltic: rapid printing machine used on the Underground from 1922

Runabout/Ranger/Rover: period travel ticket for an area/region/system

Season: large format card tickets issued to commuters for period travel; some pre-group companies used standard size Edmondson tickets

Second class: initially abolished from the three class system by the Midland Railway in 1875; it survived in order to maintain conformity of international boat train bookings until 1956, when Third class was redesignated Second class

Setright Speed (versions): partly printed bus-type roll ticket which was endorsed with the fare and machine number at time of issue; no destination was shown; introduced on B.R. in 1958/9

Sleeping car: supplementary ticket

Special: e.g. those issued for famous expresses

Supplementary: issued for a variety of purposes including Pullman travel, reservation of compartments, etc

Third class: redesignated Second class in 1956

Toll paid: issued for admission to piers, etc

Tourist: special issue with extended validity, with the right to break a journey en route

'Transitional type': ticket issued in immediate post-Nationalisation years in the style of the former company but with 'British Railways' and a suffix for the region

Ultimatic: preprinted roll or zig-zag pack paper ticket of similar size to an Edmondson; used on B.R. from 1955

Vending machine: ticket issued, for example, from a pull bar machine (as used for platform tickets) or from a roll fed machine [some printed with AM or AP]

Workman's [W]: concessionary rate ticket

Zone: ticket valid over a particular area rather than between prescribed destinations