Swindon Works










Main B.R. workshops listed as at 1961 with dates of opening


Ashford Loco (S.Region)(ex-S.E.R.) 1847; closed 1962

Ashford Wagon (S.Region)(ex-S.E.R.) 1850; closed 1982

Barassie Wagon (Sc.R.)(ex-G.& S.W.R.) 1901; closed 1972

Barry Loco, C. & W. (W.R.)(ex-Barry R.) 1895; closed for loco and c. 1959, for w. in 1963

Brighton Loco (S.Region)(ex-L.B.S.C.R.), 1840, ceased building 1958, closed 1964

Bromsgrove Wagon (L.M.R.)(ex-M.R.) 1840; closed 1964

Caerphilly Loco & Wagon (W.R.)(ex-R.R.) 1899, 1901(C.); closed 1962-3

Crewe Loco (L.M.R.)(ex-L.N.W.R.) 1843

Darlington Faverdale C. & W. (N.E.Region)(ex-N.E.R.) 1923; closed 1962

Darlington Loco (N.E.Region)(ex-N.E.R.) 1863; closed 1966

Derby C. & W. (Litchurch Lane) (L.M.R.)(ex-M.R.) 1876

Derby Loco (L.M.R.)(ex-M.R.) 1840

Doncaster Loco, C. & W. (E.R.) (ex-G.N.) 1853, 1889(C. & W.); closed 1960(C.), (W.) moved to carriage works 1965

Earlestown Wagon (L.M.R.)(ex-L.N.W.R.) 1853, closed 1963

Eastfield Wagon (Sc.R.)1904 (part of Cowlairs production )

Eastleigh C. & W. (S.Region)(ex-L.S.W.R.) 1891; (C.) moved to locomotive works 1962, (W.) moved similarly 1968

Eastleigh Loco (S.Region)(ex-L.S.W.R.) 1909

Glasgow: Cowlairs Loco, C. & W. (Sc.R.)(ex-N.B.R.) 1842/3; carriage construction ceased 1923, closed 1968

Glasgow: St Rollox Loco, C. & W. (Sc.R.)(ex-C.R.) 1856, later ‘Glasgow Works’

Gorton Loco, C. & W. (E.R.)(ex-G.C.) 1849, 1881(C. & W.); closed for (L.) 1962, for (C. & W.) 1965

Horwich Loco & Wagon (L.M.R.)(ex-L.Y.R.) 1887; closed for (L.) 1968, for (W.) 1982

Inverurie Loco, C. & W. (Sc.R.)(ex-G.N.S.R.) 1903; carriage construction ceased 1923, closed 1969

Lancing Carriage (S.Region)(ex-L.B.S.C.R.) 1888; closed 1962

Newton Abbot Diesel Shops (W.R.) (rebuilt steam locomotive works)

Oswestry Loco, C. & W. (W.R.)(ex-Cam.R.) 1866, C. & W. closed 1964, Loco closed 1966

Ryde (I.O.W.) Loco, C. & W. (S.Region)(ex-I.O.W.R.) 1870

Shildon Wagon (N.E.Region)(ex-N.E.R.) 1833, closed 1984

Springhead Loco Repair (N.E.Region)(ex-H. & B.R.) 1887

Stratford Carriage (E.R.)(ex-G.E.R.) 1847; carriage construction ceased 1927, closed 1963

Stratford Loco (E.R.)(ex-G.E.R.) 1847; closed 1962

Swindon C. & W. (W.R.)(ex-G.W.R.) 1869; carriage works moved to (L.) 1962, (W.) closed 1962

Swindon Loco (W.R.)(ex-G.W.R.) 1842, closed 1986

Temple Mills Wagon (E.R.)(ex-G.E.R.) 1896; closed 1984

Townhill Wagon (Sc.R.)(ex-L.N.E.R.) rented premises; closed c1982

Walker Gate C. & W. (N.E.Region)(ex-N.E.R.) 1902; closed 1962

Wolverhampton Loco (W.R.)(ex-G.W.R.) 1855, closed 1964

Wolverton C. & W. (L.M.R.)(ex-L.N.W.R.) 1838

York C. & W. (N.E.Region)(ex-N.E.R.) 1865/1884(C.); closed for (W.) mid-1960s



Barrow Loco & Wagon Repair (L.M.R.)(ex-F.R.); opened 1846, ceased building 1923-4; closed 1931, continued by private companies.

Barry Town Loco, C. & W. Repair (Barry R.)(W.R.) opened 1895, Loco & C. closed 1959, (W.) closed 1963

Beeston Sleeper Depot/Creosote Works (L.M.R.)

Boston Sleeper Depot (E.R.)

Bow Loco, C. & W. (L.M.R.)(ex-N.L.) opened 1850; closed 1960

Bricklayers Arms Loco Repair (S.Region)(ex-S.R.), opened 1934

Burntisland Loco. (L.N.E.R.)(ex-N.B.R.), opened 1847, closed 1923

Cardiff Cathays C. & W. (G.W.R.)(ex-T.V.R.), opened 1845, (C.) ceased 1939, latterly wagon repair (W.R.)

Cardiff Docks (West Dock/Yard) Loco. (G.W.R)(ex-T.V.R.), opened 1840s; closed 1926

Castleton P.W. Depot (L.M.R.)

Chesterton J. (Cambridge) P.W. Depot (E.R.)

Cirencester Loco, C. & W. Repair (G.W.R.)(ex-M.S.W.J.R.), opened 1895, closed 1925

Danygraig Carriage Repair (G.W.R.)(ex-R. & S.B.R.), closed 1936

Darlington (Geneva) P.W. Depot (N.E.Region)

Dinsdale Rail Welding Dept. (N.E.Region)

Ditton Creosote Works (L.M.R.)

Duffryn Carriage Repair (P.T.R.), latterly wagon repair (G.W.R., W.R.), closed 1961

Dukinfield C. & W. (L.N.E.R.)(ex-G.C.), opened 1906, carriage construction ceased after 1939, repair work until c1963

Exmouth Junction Loco. & Wagon Repair (S.Region)(ex-L.S.W.R.), opened 1887, rebuilt from 1923-9

Folkestone Engineer's Dept. (S.Region)

Gateshead Loco Repair (N.E.Region)(ex-N.E.R.), opened 1853-4, closed 1932-9 and 1959

Germiston Wagon (Sc.R.)

Hayes Civil Engineer's Dept. (W.R.)

Highbridge Loco Repair (L.M.S.)(ex-S.D.J.), opened 1862, closed 1930

Hookagate Civil Engineer's Dept. (W.R.)

Hull (Chalk Lane) Engineer's Dept. (N.E.Region)

Hunslet East (Leeds) P.W. Depot (N.E.Region)

Inverness (Lochgorm) Loco Repair (Sc.R.)(ex-H.R.), opened c1865, closed 1959

Kilmarnock Loco C. & W. (G.& S.W.R./Midland and Scottish Joint Stock/L.M.S.); latterly Loco & Wagon Repair (Sc.R.), opened 1856, closed 1959

Kipps Loco Repair (L.N.E.R.)(ex-N.B.R.), opened 1837, closed 1925

Lenton P.W. Depot (L.M.R.)

Longhedge Pullman Repair (ex-S.E.C.R.), opened 1912, closed 1928

Lowestoft Sleeper Depot (E.R.)

Low Fell (Gateshead) P.W. Depot (N.E.Region)

Machen Loco, C.& W. Repair (G.W.R.)(ex-B. & M.R.), opened c1868, closed 1927

Mangotsfield Engineer's Dept. (L.M.R.)

Maryport Loco. Repair (L.M.S.)(ex-M. & C.)

Meldon Quarry (S.Region)

Melton Constable Loco. (L.N.E.R.)(ex-M. & G.N.), opened 1883, closed 1936

Motherwell P.W. Depot (Sc.R.)

New Cross Gate Loco & Wagon Repair (S.Region)(ex-L.B.C.R.), opened c1840, closed for Loco 1949

Newland Plant Depot (Malvern) (W.R.)

Newton Heath Plant Depot (L.M.R.)(ex-L.Y.R. C. & W. works, opened 1876 closed 1932)

Norwich Civil Engineers Dept. (E.R.)

Peterborough Civil Engineer's Dept. (E.R.)

Plaistow Loco Repair (L.M.R.)(ex-L.T.S.), opened 1881, closed 1925

Preston Park Pullman Repair, opened 1928, closed 1964

Radyr Civil Engineer's Dept. (W.R.)

Ranskill Wagon (E.R.)

Reading Signal Works (W.R.)

Redbridge Sleeper Works and P.W. Depot (S.Region)

Rhosddu Loco Repair (L.N.E.R.)(ex-W.M. & C.Q.R.), closed c1927

St Margarets (Edinburgh) Loco. (L.N.E.R.)(ex-N.B.R.), opened 1846, closed 1925

Stoke-on-Trent Loco. C. & W. (L.M.S.)(ex-N.S.), opened 1868, closed 1927

Swindon Civil Engineer's Dept. (W.R.)

Taunton Civil Engineer's Dept. (P.W.)(W.R.)

Tuxford Loco Repair (L.N.E.R.)(ex-L.D. & E.C.R.), closed 1927

West Hartlepool Sleeper Depot (N.E.Region)

Worcester Loco (W.R.)(ex-G.W.R.) 1854; closed 1951

York (Leeman Road) P.W. Depot (N.E.Region)


Between 1923 and 1947 the L.M.S. closed six subsidiary locomotive works at Belle Vue (Manchester), Carlisle, Kentish Town, Leeds, Saltley (Birmingham) and Grimesthorpe (Sheffield). (See also Barrow, above.)

Locomotive repairs were also carried out at some other large motive power depots on the G.W.R., S.R. and L.M.S., not listed here.