LNER Thompson composite lavatory non gangwayed coach. Photo: NRM















The following lists the standard codes for coaching stock as used by B.R. after 1956. This system was based on that applied by the L.N.E.R. Prior to the replacement of third class by second class in 1956, 'T' was used in place of 'S'. The codes shown in square brackets were given to pre-Nationalisation types, not perpetuated by B.R.. The term 'non gangwayed' refers to coaches with no corridor connections to adjacent stock; internal gangways may or may not be present.


B             Bogie brake, non gangwayed

[BC]        Brake composite, non gangwayed

BCK        Brake composite corridor

[BCL]      Brake composite lavatory, non gangwayed

[BF]         Brake first, non gangwayed

BFK        Brake first corridor

[BFL]       Brake first lavatory, non gangwayed

BG          Bogie brake gangwayed

[BGZ]      Brake gangwayed, six-wheel

[BM]        Brake vehicle for milk traffic

[BP]         Brake for pigeon traffic

BPOT     Post Office tender brake

BS           Brake second, non gangwayed

BSK        Brake second corridor

[BSL]      Brake second lavatory, non gangwayed

BSO        Brake second open

BSOT     Brake second open tourist

[BTL]       Brake third lavatory, non gangwayed

[BY]         Brake non gangwayed, four-wheel

[BZ]         Brake non gangwayed, six-wheel

C             Composite, non gangwayed

CCT        Covered carriage truck, similar to PMV

CK          Composite corridor

CL           Composite lavatory, non gangwayed

[CO]        Composite open

CTO        Open carriage truck

[F]            First, non gangwayed

FK           First corridor

[FL]         First lavatory, non gangwayed

FO           First open

GUV        General utility van, 4 or 8 wheel, non gangwayed

HB           Horse box

KB           Large kitchen and buffet only

LFK         Lounge first corridor

PCV        Parcels van

PMV       Parcels and miscellaneous van, four-wheel, non gangwayed

POS        Post Office sorting van

POT        Post Office tender (stowage vehicle)

RB           Kitchen, buffet unclassified

[RC]        Kitchen composite

[RCAF] or [CAF]  Cafeteria

[RCO]     Restaurant composite open

RE           Griddle

RF           Kitchen first

RFO        Restaurant first open

[RG]        Griddle car

 RK          Kitchen car, no servery

RKB        Kitchen, buffet, no seats

RMB       Kitchen, miniature buffet

[RS]         Kitchen second

RSO        Restaurant second open

[RTO]      Restaurant third open

[RSP]      Pantry second

[RTS]      Restaurant, kitchen, triplet articulated

RU           Kitchen unclassified

RUO        Restaurant unclassified open

S             Second, non gangwayed

[SCV]      Special cattle vehicle

[SemiFO] Semi-open first

[SemiSO} Semi-open second

[SF]         Saloon first

[SI]           Saloon invalid

SK           Second corridor

[SL]         Second lavatory, non gangwayed

SLC        Sleeper composite

SLE(P) Sleeper convertible (second or first class) (with pantry)

SLF         Sleeper first

SLO        Second lavatory open, non gangwayed

[SLS]      Sleeper second

[SLS(P)] Sleeper second (with pantry)

[SLST] Sleeper second, twin-berth

SLSTP   Sleeper second, twin-berth with pantry

SO          Second open

SO NG    Second open, non gangwayed

[SS]         Saloon second

[TBSO] Tourist brake second open

TCV        Tiered car van, eight wheel

[TL]          Third lavatory, non gangwayed

{TO]         Third open

TSO        Tourist second open

[TwinSLC] Sleeper composite, twin articulated

[TwinSLF] Sleeper first, twin articulated


Suffix A: British standard gangways fitted with adaptors to couple with Pullmans